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Birmingham Painters and Decorators

There is certainly no shortage of painter and decorators in Birmingham that can provide your home with quality, professional finish. However, there is also a fair few painter and decorators you will want to stay well clear of, otherwise you may end up being overcharged and possibly left with a substandard paintwork.

A Guide to Hiring a Painter and Decorator in Birmingham

For anyone looking to hire an honest, reliable painter and decorator in Birmingham, check out the following guide for tips on what to lookout out for – and what to avoid!

Finding recommendations

As with hiring many professionals, asking someone you know for a recommendation is a fine place to start. Not only can you see the painter and decorators work first-hand, but also get an idea of how reliable they are and the type of rates they will charge.


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Another great way to find a painter and decorator in Birmingham is to search for local tradesmen using the Painting and Decorating Association. As a member of a trade association, you can be safe in the knowledge that any potential traders on this list are held to very high standards, having been vetted to ensure they use the best processes and materials.

Look for a survey before getting a quote

A sure sign that your painter and decorator is reliable is if they require to do a survey of your home. While it may not seem like much, any contractor that can give you a quote off the top of their head without visiting your property first should be avoided.


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Contact any prospective traders and give them a quick overview of the work you need done. They will then be able to give a solid quote once they have conducted a survey throughout your property, basing it on what you need and the general condition of your home.

Get your quotes in writing

Any good Birmingham-based painter and decorator should be able to give you an accurate written quote. These quotes will be based around typical paint and decorating standards, such as there being a single layer of wall paper to remove and the walls being in good condition to be decorated.

The quote should be very accurate when based on the survey they conducted, so if you have more layers of wallpaper or walls that need to be repaired first, this will be included in your quote.

This generally helps to avoid hidden charges, but be sure to clarify whether the quote includes any other charges such as weekend rates.

Costs and payment

Most painter and decorators in Birmingham will be paid once the work is completed, so anyone asking for the entire cost up front should be avoided. The only time you will be paying anything up front is with larger jobs that might take several weeks to complete, in which case you usually pay for an instalment.

Also, your costs will increase depending on the materials used by the traders. A good painter and decorator can explain the differences between materials and advise you on cost-effective options, quality products, and what additional fees for any materials.

Remember, not all cheap materials are necessarily money-saving solutions. In many cases, paying for a higher quality paint will result in longer-lasting paintwork that can end up saving you more over a long-term period.

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